About Us

IJack Technologies Inc. started out with the goal of redesigning the conventional pump jack by applying cutting edge technologies to make well pumping operations more efficient. IJack Technologies was incorporated in Moosomin, Saskatchewan in 2010, and in 2013, the company completed its first production run of ten fully automated hydraulic pumping units, the IJack UNO. The UNO has many advancements over a conventional pump jack, mainly, it is fully automated, proven to optimize production, reduces downhole wear, it is easy to install and is available with remote communication so it’s operation can be monitored from a smart phone or a computer. During the O&G downturn in 2014, IJack began manufacturing gas compression units for enhanced oil production on existing wells. This product allowed the company to grow and innovate in a difficult time in the O&G sector, while producers were reducing their drilling programs and looking to get more production out of existing wells. Today, the company has multiple product lines with additional new lines in development, starting with the XFER transfer pump design which is set it to be released in early 2019.

IJack’s current market is centered in the Canadian Williston Basin area. The company is actively engaged to expand their market coverage throughout the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin as well as international markets. Their goal is to partner with O&G operating companies who are looking for modern technologies to make pumping operations more efficient and optimize their production and mid-stream operations using the IJack line of equipment. Partnering with existing and potential clients to test the IJack equipment on their wells and solving individual challenges, are priorities for IJack.

IJack is committed in continuing with the designing and manufacturing high-quality, technologically-advanced products and solutions to make oil production more efficient with a low cost of ownership. Bringing Machine Learning technologies to the O&G sector, will be a big part in their technology going forward.